(BROTHER TWIN) Existential goathead, ch​@​nge and no belly

by Agamous Betty

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This is the brother twin to Lofi ghost in the heroin
The two 10 minute songs act as male and female contrasting parallelisms


released May 23, 2015

recorded at dads place



all rights reserved


Agamous Betty Melbourne, Australia

Agamous Betty explores the depravity and fetishism of the human soul lucidly through a foghaze-dreamscape of Joker Jesus sparkle-rainbows and wrist cutting blow jobs... without Lsd

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Track Name: Existential Goathead, change and no belly
Golden Morning
simple afternoon
he said young man
just enjoy the ride
baby i feel good when you're around

forever changing
life is a landscape
i want to escape
fuel the machines
fly us to our dreams

im a yellow daisy
euphoric distorted
a game of pillow chasey
distorted erotic
im not a krishnmas baby
eurphoric anthropomorphic

i need a favor and right away
but you're talking about me as if i had wanted
ran out of pages and i wanted to leave
but i took it all down i admit that i wanted you
elephant lazy talking bout heresy
take me round
as if i can soldier on
high as on pain and im never two faced
but you brought it all down on yourself
i will swallow you

i never meant to hurt him
i only wanted to play
you have a poisonous bottle
i drink it all away
how many times i told you
how many hours of pain
she cried tears at your burial
i brushed the tears away

Stop living on gin and tonic
i dont relate to living my life out of a book
i dont feel strange running my mouth about it
ladder stop losing your damn compsoure
I cant relate to anyone that i ever meet
i hate myself but what can i do about it?

i found maddie

look to me here,I found happy

I miss googie

looking for hate i found mercy
looking for love i found pain

way to go chelsea
you made the parade