Raw Meat

by Agamous Betty

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Meat is never ‘mere’.

- To actually see oneself as meat is to see oneself stripped of all illusions, hallucinations, and to
be redeemed from the efforts of participating in disclosing and coping with a world of
significations and apparent projects. To watch oneself torn to shreds by proxy is to experience
a perverse liberation from being human. To know oneself as meat is to be freed.

- “ “Whatever else we may be as creatures that go to and fro on the earth and walk up and
down upon it, we are meat. ”Thomas Ligotti.

- The meat we eat is the meat of other animals; we call it “food” to distance it from ourselves.
This linguistic demarcation is the machine that allows us to have an industry of death and
suffering without breaking a sweat.

- Her son watches Jurassic Park as the TRex
rips into a human torso. Dinosaurs eat meat, he
is told, “and we are meat!” he exclaims, wild eyed and joyous with his new portion of
knowledge. To realise that you are a meal...have any of us really thought it through? How can
we swagger around so selfimportantly
knowing that the that our bodies are a good source of
protein? If we really digested the idea, civilisation would implode.

- Our bodies are made of meat.That is to say, as the word originally meant, of food .

- To be meat is to live with the promise of being devoured.

- “Organic communism”: the body is always a shared body.

- Humans have grown accustomed to thinking of themselves as being predators. It is so easy
for us to forget we were once prey. All our gifts, our evolutionary bootstapping, our selected
equipment, is a result of being prey to other animals and to the whims of natural forces. In
reality we are still prey to viruses, bacteria, other humans and those same natural forces. This
is one of the meanings of being meat: each one of us can and will be eaten. - Fragments of mere meat

- There is a pomposity to the thought of death. Really, what is it but a brute stupidity? That is; a
fact. We are, like all meat, perishable .

“Whatever else we may be as creatures that go to and fro on the earth, we are also just meat.
A cannibalistic tribe that once flourished had a word to describe what they ate. That word
translates as ' the food that talks.'” Thomas Ligotti

A man came into the needle exchange where I work, he was about 50, had been injecting
heroin into his legs for months. He is not so good at it. He’s gone through or missed the veins
time and again. The legs are covered in black wounds. The tissue is necrotic and I tell him so.
I tell him to go to A&E immediately as I stare at all that death swimming in flesh..

It is just as Deleuze said in relation to Schopenhauer: the executioner is also the victim.
Likewise, the nurse might also be the nursed.

“The social or somatic being
is forbidden from being meat (disinherited animal tissue
simultaneous with fate, spontaneous, orphan and mutable
matter) and is borne instead towards the humanity of the
organic self or bodyforitself;
a corporealized person who
is born, lives and dies” Nick
Land (Meat, Fanged Noumena )

In the tendency we could call becomingnoncorporeal,
the immaterialisation of experience,
meat reappears as the resistant, the slow, the deadweight,
the inneedofaugmentation:

Domestic animals eat the remains of the beloved owners. This isn’t cruelty or the evil of
nature. It is just need.

To think of my death as the death of the meat: not beingtowardsdeath
but becomingcorpse.


released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Agamous Betty Melbourne, Australia

Agamous Betty explores the depravity and fetishism of the human soul lucidly through a foghaze-dreamscape of Joker Jesus sparkle-rainbows and wrist cutting blow jobs... without Lsd

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