So long and goodbye'

by Agamous Betty

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Agamous Betty's Valentines day special


released February 14, 2017

Artwork by Rochelle Lawless



all rights reserved


Agamous Betty Melbourne, Australia

Agamous Betty explores the depravity and fetishism of the human soul lucidly through a foghaze-dreamscape of Joker Jesus sparkle-rainbows and wrist cutting blow jobs... without Lsd

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Track Name: Memory Lane
you live on fantasy hill, with painted black walls
you need a reality pill, a chemical wash
you still think im crazy? the joke is on you
you're still calling me baby, but baby im gone

i live on reality hill, a simple white wall
i need your little fantasy pills, to carry me along
i don't know my limit better than you
but i know when i reach it, ill probably want more

you still think im crazy? the joke is on you
she's still calling me baby, but baby im gone

i still walk down, memory lane
i still think about, pain that I've caused
i still go there, to gooseberry hill
i still fade out, become nothing at all

i still walk down, memory lane x4
Track Name: So long
Memory's all blank
but i wouldn't know, I just hang around
Memories all blue
memories of you, just hanging around

Anyone, sets you off

All she wants, is a picture of you
to hang to on her wall, when you're not around at all
Memory's all black
but i wouldn't know, i just wander around

Everyone, sets you off
a methylated airborne fantasy makes you bleed out

What can i say? is it enough that i want you?
I don't know I guess nobody needs you, if nobody wants you
alley cat stray

A matter of things that must be discovered
I know this like melodrama and what they'll say is
Body don't break

Memories all blue, memories of you
Just hanging around

Memories a blur
I am outside of what you wanna know, so long

Everything, sets you off
All she wants, is the memory of me
to softly recall when im not around at all
Track Name: So long and goodbye'
ladies like a fairytale, an ultra high that brings you down
I never knew her, i just heard the rumours
Wherever she’s found, thats where you want to be
but cant don’t remember, i was probably stoned again

Friendly like a cousin who don’t mean no harm but bring you around
I could not show them, just to keep going on im on it again
with haunted arms, and cotton friends
whoever they are, thats who you want to be
to try and remember a dream about roman candles

Hungry for a drinkers antique rubber band
to sort you out
I never noticed, the blood on her mattress
she finally croaked, child actors swinging rope
wherever you are, no matter how far away
thats where i want to be, for the end of my life
thats all I want to say, so long and goodbye
Track Name: Apathy Lane
when i was coming second in show
that girl never knew home
it will all be okay
you don't need a new you
stay on apathy lane

if i was sitting top of the world
with the prettiest girl
it would turn out a lie
without a reason why
i live on apathy lane

to figure 8
to always know you'll figure it out

enemy what have you done to me
i cannot run away, im not that brave
destiny's calling me under the waves

when im gone, up and over my hill
think of me with good will
i was always okay
i don't need to be used
i live on apathy lane

if im lost, what does that say for you?
you've got nothing to lose
it will be over soon
it means nothing at all
if reality calls
you better run away
stay on apathy lane