So Long EP (Demos)

by Agamous Betty

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released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Agamous Betty Melbourne, Australia

Agamous Betty explores the depravity and fetishism of the human soul lucidly through a foghaze-dreamscape of Joker Jesus sparkle-rainbows and wrist cutting blow jobs... without Lsd

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Track Name: So long
Memories all blank
but I wouldnt know
I just hang around

Memories all blue
memories of you
just hanging around

when anyone sets you off
all she wants is a picture of you
to hang on her wall
when you're not around at all

memories all black
but i wouldnt know
i just wander around

when everyone sets you off
a methylated, airborne fantasy
makes you bleed out

what can i say?
is it enough that i want you?
I dont know I guess nobody needs you
nobody wants you
alley dont break

of all matter of things that must be discovered
I think this is melodrama
and what they'll say;
"body dont break"

Memories all blue
memories of you
just hanging around

Id rather not say
Id rather be gone
than utter a sound at all

memories a blur
i am outside of what you want to know
so long

when everything
sets you off
all she wants,
is the memory of me
to softly recall
when im not around at all
Track Name: Fairy tale
Lady's like a fairy tale
an ultra high
that brings you down
I never knew her
I just heard the rumours
wherever shes found
thats where you want to be
i dont remember
i was probably stoned again

friendly like a cousin
who dont mean no harm
but brings you around
i could not show them
just to keep going on
im on it again
haunted arms
and cotton friends
whoever they are
thats what you want to be
to try and remember
a dream about roman candles

hungry for a drinkers
antique rubber band
to sort you out
I did not notice
the blood on her mattress
shes finally croaked
child actors
swinging rope

wherever you are
no matter how far away
thats where i want to be
for the end of my life
thats all i want to say
so long and good bye
Track Name: Anna the incredible hero
incredible hero
sobering nightmare
incredulous zero
sugar and honey
in superfine crystal
the absolute model
of my black hearted gospel

quintessent hero
horror-show white-crown
a summerative zero
candy and color
in ultra fine crystal
the consummate master
my sovereign and bible

incredible hero
horrow-show nightmare
the blankest of zeros
sugar and color
in superfine crystal

beautiful slow death x8