Tela Tastiera (Your Routine Manic Death Squad)

by Agamous Betty

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released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Agamous Betty Melbourne, Australia

Agamous Betty explores the depravity and fetishism of the human soul lucidly through a foghaze-dreamscape of Joker Jesus sparkle-rainbows and wrist cutting blow jobs... without Lsd

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Track Name: Ice Cream Cone
im a monster on the skittles
and a dancer in tiny motion slip
potions in your cauldren and drift you off to sleep
with the goldfish dinner and a water slide slicker than mudfights
in highschool and bad dreams that frighten you about the bus ride where the bully in nightschool is me with a mouthful and im the king tut of cruel cool
the gyms stained ashtray and the bins are flaming red sewing up my teachers mouths with golden smart alec thread
yo moms a terrorist throwing alcoholic eyes and dirty dancing in the back yard wih the tigers tail tripped over a dead smail and stopped to lick the juices
enthuiast on life and all its little wonders like the date rape and plunder of the viking nights in northbridge an angry fight or flight or
a crushed apple cider can crushed up
then teared and turned into a weapon of violence
boy get to steppin im the cheese mining stipper with the lyrical flicker and the street slum picture sleeping in the park and lookin out for bandages
havent eaten all day im stealing glances at your sandwiches

lettuce, strip tease in a hospice kickin old arse libidos into gear with a nos gague and creeping up slowly is your stalker in the window
with a bathrobe a toothbrush and unclipped toe nails,

this womans screamin trouble and talkin 100 miles an hour the bitch is louder than a foghorn at night or a whale song in water and shes
moanin bout her daughter in art school with the big plans and the true cool well the bitch is on ice, covered in lice, rollin the dice and livin off the corpses of
mice, screamin her life into a vast well, im a holow shell, picking up the pieces of my fragile self, nah, im only playin, my heart is an ice canyon
im a stone cold thriller i dont even need ta kill ya just smile, while jack was out giant flippin i was hustling the magic chicken, straight gangsta entrapernouin
now my golden tooth glimmers out the corner o yo eye, just before ya die just like featherfoot a rustle or spook
keepin the chicken in the coup until i need a bigger chain, im runnin my own game slickin and dealing arsonists propane, sellin snake oil to bunny monroe
im the devil in a ice cream cone.
Track Name: Tela Tastiera
ring around
my face
ring around my
every pipe their
talking riddle round my
trailer fawna
someone swinging on my swing
in my may rent my fat
rent my fat
in my may
talk riddles round my head

hey little why you look so sad

jan has got her fence
for when its meant to be my enemy

ay champ say something
that doesnt begin with you leaving

lets take as long as it takes
out of my lemonade
gunther was scraped

Please dont spray chavaughn
we are now slivvy hate

how did it get so bad
so damn quick
let me ate you

t e a r u s do w n
i w a s a l o n e
w e ll n o t h i n g w i l l n o t i ce
d es t r o y t h e t h i n k o f i t w e l l g un t h e r wo u l d n o t o i e
wo u l d a s t r a n g e r d e s t ro y a s tr a n g e r
among s t the st r a n g e r s e the monk s a w y o ur w a i s t
n ot h i n g w a it s

y o u w e re know n ot h i ng were k n o ow
b o o t h e r
y o u wer e y o u were no n e v e r im ovr agai n
b e a k s t r a i n e d
rin g o n f l a n n o a gai n my i gnove it

you dont ever have to be alright
im always in the candle in the night
all the time everytime all the time
everytime all time all the time


you dont always have to be around
ill decide, ILL decide everytime, suicide
help us lick the diamonds in the trough


'wedding bells' (a recalled bliss)

"UP! NUP! start those trains"

"cold you would like though its pain"

"but im...but id wager romance"

"id wager romance"

"id exit us so dangerous"
They fooled us
and still they chalk up